IdeaPaint Hustle Case

Whiteboard anywhere.





HustleCase is a lightweight whiteboard laptop case that makes it easy to:

*Sketch on the go
*Snap on and off easily
*Protect from scrapes and scratches
*Write smoothly and erase quickly

HustleCase is perfect for wire-framing, sketching, site-mapping,
to-dos, notes, and interviews.

How durable is the case?
The cases are made of plastic, making it durable enough to protect your laptop from bumps and scratches, but light and breathable enough to release heat.

Is it hard to erase?
The dry erase surface has been designed to be scratch resistant, easy to write on,
and even easier to wipe clean.

(HustleCase is currently only available for Macs.)

If you are a tax exempt organization, please contact Customer Support at +1 800.393.5250 to place your IdeaPaint order.