IdeaPaint Pro - Colors

PRO Colors is a dry erase paint that creates a classic white, dry erase surface with PROs best in class performance. Backed by a limited, lifetime warranty PRO erases cleanly every time for the lifetime of your walls.

If you want the ultimate dry erase paint for your school or workplace, IdeaPaint PRO is your best option.

IdeaPaint's Patented Complete Erase Technology builds a harder, less porous surface that will not allow markers to soak in, making for an easier, more complete erase, leaving you with cleaner walls.

IdeaPaint PRO dry erase paint (also know as whiteboard paint or dry erase wall paint) can be applied over latex paint or over any smooth surface (ie. drywall, wood, chalkboards, whiteboards, glass, laminate, metal, furniture, desks, etc.). IdeaPaint dry erase paints are far superior to whiteboards and glassboards. See how IdeaPaint dry erase paint (whiteboard paint) compares to whiteboards.

IdeaPaint PRO White is recommended for professional installation only.

Write on it in 7 days: Wait 7 days before using your dry erase markers

Industry Best Dry Erase Performance: The original and still the best

Lifetime limited warranty: Guarantees IdeaPaint will not crack, yellow or peel

Environmentally Compliant: UL Greenguard Gold Certification

Patented Complete Erase Technology: Erase clean every time

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Please click on the links below for a variety of important documents around installation, prepping and use and care of your surfaces. Please make note that IdeaPaint PRO and PRO Colors REQUIRES professional installation in an unoccupied space or building.

Is Ideapaint Pro Environmentally Friendly

IdeaPaint PRO is a low-emission paint, certified according to the stringent requirements of UL GREENGUARD Gold.

Are There Any Safety Precautions That Should Be Followed

Yes. Gloves, safety glasses, and a NIOSH approved respirator are recommended when installing IdeaPaint PRO. The safety precautions outlined in IdeaPaint’s Safety Data Sheet, found at, should be followed. PRO does have a high odor, so weekend installation and proper ventilation are recommended. Depending on the room’s ventilation, the odor will last for 12-24 hours after installation and will dissipate completely within 24 hours. Install when occupants are not present.

What Is The Best Way To Prep A Surface For Ideapaint Pro Application

For surface prep, repair any divots, scratches, or bumps on the wall so the surface is as smooth as possible. Because IdeaPaint is high gloss paint, surface imperfections can be magnified.

Should The Surface Be Primed Before Applying Ideapaint Pro

Priming using one of our preferred primers is required prior to installing IdeaPaint PRO. Follow all manufacturer’s application and dry time instructions for the selected primer.

What Primer Is Recommended For Ideapaint Pro

For most installations of IdeaPaint PRO, prime using one of our preferred primers, such as: IdeaPaint PRIMER, Sherwin-Williams Multi-Purpose Primer, PPG Seal Grip, Glidden Gripper Latex Primer or Kilz Premium Primer. Visit for a complete list of preferred primers. When installing IdeaPaint over a substrate other than drywall view our Substrate Specific Installation Guide, or email us at

Does Ideapaint Pro Have An Odor

IdeaPaint PRO has a stronger odor than regular latex paint. Therefore, it is important to properly ventilate the space. Depending on the room’s ventilation, the odor will last for 12-24 hours after installation and will dissipate completely within 24 hours. Install when occupants are not present.

What Surfaces Can I Use Ideapaint Pro On

  • Chalkboard
  • Aluminum
  • Wood
  • Plastic
  • Any color semi gloss latex paint
This product can expose you to Ethylbenzene and Titanium dioxide, which are known to the State of California to cause Cancer.