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Are you looking to turn your walls into a multi-purpose collaboration space? Look no further! IdeaPaint All-In-One Wallcovering brings together crystal clear projection, high-performing magnetic and dry erase into an easy to install wallcovering that you can begin using in just 24 hours. ALL-IN-ONE also features IdeaPaint’s smooth seam technology which eliminates unsightly seams.



  • Non-ghosting, non-staining: the industry’s highest performing low-sheen dry erase surface

  • Project, Hold and Write: get the ability to project clearly onto a dry erase surface and hold papers and objects, maximizing your ability to collaborate and learn

  • Smooth Seam Technology: IdeaPaint wallcoverings offer the smoothest, least noticeable seams in the industry.

  • Hang it however you want it: can be hung horizontally, vertically, and even on curved walls.

  • Quick installation, with low disruption to the area throughout the application process

  • Can be used in just 24 hours

  • Better option than whiteboards: IdeaPaint wallcoverings offer more functionality, better performance, value and aesthetics than whiteboards.

  • Save more: a 107 square foot roll of ALL-IN-1 costs $1,223. To cover the same area with whiteboards would cost $1,900 (40% higher).

  • ALL-IN-1 offers more functionality (dry erase, projection, and magnetic ability) vs. whiteboards for a better value

  • Seamless design & aesthetics: IdeaPaint wallcoverings incorporate seamlessly into the design of your space; whiteboards detract from the design of a room

  • IdeaPaint products are more durable and last longer

  • Best in class customer support

Product Highlights

  • High-performing magnetic, dry erase wallcovering with superior projection screen quality
  • Low sheen surface
  • The industry’s highest performing low sheen dry erase surface
  • Easy installation with standard wallcovering adhesive
  • Smooth seam technology
  • Can be hung vertically, horizontally, and even on curved walls
  • Smooth surface
  • For best performance: use with Neodymium (aka Rare Earth) magnets
  • 10-Year Limited Warranty
  • Supported by IdeaPaint’s exceptional Customer Support
  • GREENGUARD Gold Certified


  • STANDARD Roll Coverage: Standard roll = 107ft2 (10m2). Custom roll lengths available.
  • Dimensions: 26.6ft x 4ft (1.22m x 8.25m) (for standard rolls)
  • Weight: 26.46lb (12Kg) (for standard rolls). (1.2Kg per m2) 2.21lb/yd2
  • Color: White
  • Finish: Low Sheen
  • Fire Rating: ASTM E-84 Class B