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“A big part of how IdeaPaint helps us out is being able to get real business results and that ultimately means happier customers and happier merchants.” 

“I can just be creative in a very ad hoc way — I can grab someone from my R&D department, brainstorm, draw a quick application on the wall.” - Brian Hallihan, CEO & Founder, HubSpot

“IdeaPaint is everywhere: in the hallways, the conference rooms, the cafeteria... It has been requested by everyone, and it now consumes the whole building.” - Christina Mathes, VP Quicken Loans

“We have a bunch of innovators and idea people, and they want to be able to turn around anywhere and start doodling about what they’re talking about!” Tim Rowe, CEO, CIC

“Number one wish list type item that employees asked for in this office was more walls with IdeaPaint!” Michael Mothner, Founder & CEO, WPromote

“Our goal was to have a collaborative area to fuel innovation, to fuel brainstorming, to fuel people coming together building on other’s ideas. We wanted a space where people could brainstorm openly, very visually, and share their work with others.” – Jackie Alosso, Associate Marketing Manager, Welch’s

"LMHQ’s goal is to really foster a sense of innovation in lower Manhattan, and we think by partnering with IdeaPaint that can really be celebrated and people really engage and continue the spirit of innovation here in lower Manhattan.” – Daria Siegel, Director, LMHQ

"I purchased idea paint for my daughters bedroom wall. She previously had written all over her walls and we found it very difficult to get it off. Idea paint has been a great solution to my daughters artistic moments. She really enjoys being able to create whatever she wants, and surprisingly, has been taking very good care of it. We are pleased with the results."

- J.A., Holy Scrap WNY Corp


"The product is great. By using the Idea Paint I have been able to keep goals in front of my agents and have increased production for my district. Plus it looks much better than a regular white board."

-John C. Kautter II,AFLAC


"I absolutely love the IdeaPaint. I have this in my room and it is PERFECT for my brainstorming sessions. It is singlehandedly one of the best investments for myself and for my business. And I will say, I have purchased other dry-erase paints and have been punished due to it's inability to erase. Thank you for making such a high quality product."

-Diego Cassin,Cassina Connection International, LLC


"So far so great! Turned a wall in our executive office into a "planning" wall for our capital campaign - we're building a NEW YMCA!

It's working great and looks beautiful - we even have some $$ on there!"

- Martha Rittinger,YMCA of Greater St Petersburg


"We have used Idea Paint in two of our large training rooms in lieu of whiteboards. In our main training room, we painted two entire walls with Idea Paint. In our secondary training room, we painted a portion of one of our walls. The Idea Paint provides incredible flexibility to arrange our room in various ways, use our projection TV on the same walls that we write on, thus eliminating a need to have a drop down screen in front of a traditional whiteboard. On our secondary training room, the Idea Paint allowed us to customize the size and area where we wanted a write-on surface, which would also allow future use of a projection TV in that area if we decide to go that route. We are very pleased with the product."

-Don Sheffield,Jordan & Skala Engineers, Inc.


“IdeaPaint is amazing!! In past, we used old mark board but those were a real pain. However, we decided to try IdeaPaint in one conference room and loved it so much now we have it in all conference rooms across 6 different office locations.”

- Stephen Koenig, Walsh, Gallegos, Trevino, Russo, & Kyle, PC


"We love our painted wall. We use it every single day, all day long."

-Lavinia Mancuso,Everyone Reading


"We have received positive feedback on appearance and use in our Executive level Offices. IdeaPaint Provides a clean look and we can rid ourselves of Bulky Dry Erase boards!"

- Anonymous, IT Service Provider


"Love, Love, Love this product. We have it on all of our conference room walls. Writing on the walls gives a "wow" factor to our clients while giving us a large canvas to create and communicate! It rocks."

-Scott & Bethany Palmer,The Money Couple


"I haven't had any problems with staining. This our second time using IdeaPaint because it worked really well for us in our previous office."

- Bridget, Design Firm


"Great. I love it. I have the projecting wall paper and the traditional professional white application."

-Carla Ramirez,Carla Ramirez Insurance Agency Inc


"The Idea Paint Blaster and Erasers are really worth purchasing. We have whiteboards all over our office and this cleaner works great, even if the writing has been on the walls for a long time. Great product!"

- Joanne Kushner,Lockton Conpanies


"Your product came highly recommended so we decided to try out the clear dry erase paint. This was an important job for our facilities team because it was going to be used on a wall for our new Pastor. We watched the application video several times and thoroughly read the instructions. We spent a lot of time getting the wall as smooth as possible. The application was a snap. To my surprise there was very little odor. We did that job about a year ago and our Pastor has been very pleased. We have done two other office walls since then and we are presently working on a third."

-Don Pittman,Vineyard Church of Anaheim


"I covered the stairway walls going down into my basement office with magnetic fabric, painted over with IdeaPaint. My idea was to invite guests, including grandchildren, to "scrawl on the wall." The grandchildren have not yet been here to make their marks, but I have found the walls wonderful for jotting down ideas for research in economics and finance, and for making notes about books to read, projects to pursue, trips to take, and many other items like those. It has become a great resource for working, living and having fun."

-Clare Zempel, Consulting Firm


"Very happy with our purchase - we're enjoying having a wall that works hard in our office!"

-Christina Summerfield,Versive


"We recently got Idea Paint in our office and are very happy with all the products we received.Your Instagram page was very helpful as It was my first time trying to organize this for an office environment. It all worked out well.

Thanks to you all." -Sonia Prathap,Endeavor Global Marketing

"Easy to use, especially with instruction sheet and low odor which is critical in an office setting."

-Michael Allen,M. A. Allen Service Corp.


"I liked the way everything was packaged.Easy instructions extra roller. Rolling was a breeze."

- Graig,Perfection Gear Business Unit


"Our team enjoys the idea of writing directly on the wall, very clean and more practical."

- Gilbert Hyppolite, TECHNI-PRO


“The day we installed it, people were flocking in to the room because they were unconstrained: they could write from the ceiling to the ground and unleash some sort of creativity that we hadn’t seen otherwise.” Bill Aulet, Managing Director, MIT

"We can really tell the difference between the quality of the work and brainstorming session that we have when we are remote and when we are working together with IdeaPaint." - Harvard Student

"The whole idea of expanding on other people’s ideas and to have this limitless wall really appealed to me! The artist in me felt restricted by the small canvas of the traditional whiteboard." - Doug Burbank, Math Teacher, Brooks School

It was a big deal because schools have tight budgets and we can’t always consider doing a global change like that! It was very exciting for us to get so much accomplished on the budget that we had for that year! - Jen Letourneau, Math Teach, Milford High School

I told my students that we’re going to put IdeaPaint not only on the walls but also on the desks. They thoughts that it was the most fantastic thing in the world! Ms. Risch, West Aurora High School

"Over a number of years use and maybe 30 applications, we have generally settled on the Idea Paint Clear. Instead of limiting ourselves to the traditional size whiteboards and using IP White, we cover most all of a wall which is practical in clear. This allows for the most space use and creativity for the teachers and students.

Our standard practice, learned from mistakes and flaws, is to repair and paint the sheetrock wall before the use of Idea Paint. We always follow the prescribed dry-time for Idea Paint before use and have not had any issues. One summer we tried another, cheeper brand. This was a mistake. The product did not apply as well as IP and right away I received complaints from the teachers. All the offending areas were sanded and recoated with Idea Paint the following summer.

I feel comfortable in saying the product has lasted 5 years now. We have not had reason to contact customer service and all my purchases have been made with ease on the website."



"I have been using Idea Paint in my first grade classroom for three years! We absolutely love it! Each week we get to "write on the walls" and record our research and new learning. It is easy to erase misconceptions and add new ideas. Each child can share by drawing a picture or writing words to show what they have learned. When we learn a new sight word everyone gets to write it five times on the walls and circle the best one. We are saving paper, practicing skills, and it is super fun!!!"

-Kerra Olson,Boulder Elementary School


“You've got an awesome product - and a great team! I've always enjoyed working with Ideapaint, (since it was introduced about 10 years ago). I used to help them install test walls around Boston. IdeaPaint’s products are the best dry erase products available on the market, and their sales and customer service have always been great to work with. It is a privilege to work with Ideapaint. My customers love the product - and we consistently receive compliments on our projects.” – Frank Gazzola, Gazzola Painting Company, Inc.


"I use IdeaPaint because its the premier dry erase product in the industry. Sales and customer support is outstanding." - Daniel Dumont, PAL Painting and Construction Services


"Great product. Extremely easy to apply. Will be using for years to come."- Vinny Santana, Complete Home Care LLC.


"I think its a good product. It is better than boards or other options on the market." - Alexandre Silva, Blue Print Painting


"Great product. I use it a lot." - J + M Pro Paint


"I have been an applicator of PRO, Create Clear and Create White since inception." - Rob Hubbard, Ford Painting


"Excellent product. I've used the magnetic primer and dry erase paint." - Vinny Vasconcelos, Northeast Painter


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