October 19, 2020

While it's absolutely true that the world is still in the middle of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, most have started to realize that this isn't a problem that is going away anytime soon - meaning that we're all slowly trying to adapt to this "new normal" that we're firmly a part of. Businesses are starting to open back up again, which is good news for the economy - but it's a move that brings with it a large number of questions about safety that don't necessarily have easy answers.

The heart of any business rests with its employees, and in order to be as productive and as engaged as possible those employees need to be able to collaborate regularly. They need to be able to get into the same room together and see each other's faces as they discuss important deliverables for a client. They have to retain the ability to discuss open and honestly what needs to be done and how best to do it.

As a business owner, how are you supposed to create that environment in an era where people will need to stay at least six feet apart for the foreseeable future? More importantly, how do you create that environment as quickly and as cost effectively as possible?

Thankfully, the answer is simple. IdeaPaint is more than just another dry erase board. It's an office solution ready for the social distancing era and is a great way to help ease into these new conditions by allowing teams to spread out in a meeting room in your office and still have productive, collaborative workspaces as well. 

The Power of IdeaPaint: Breaking Things Down

At its core, IdeaPaint truly is the ultimate dry erase system - it offers you everything you need to create high performing dry erase and dry erase + magnetic surfaces in ANY room, all so that people can give their input on projects and maintain a safe distance at the same time.

IdeaPaint's dry erase paints are some of the best performing and longest lasting on the market today, for example. Their dry erase wall coverings are quick and easy to apply and can be used in as little as just 24 hours. Even the IdeaPaint magnetic primer can be used to create a dry erase surface literally anywhere - completely transforming your environment from the "old school" offices that we left behind in March to the "new school" office we're going to need to depend on for meetings and maximum collaboration moving forward. 

IdeaPaint: Your Partners in the COVID-19 Era

At IdeaPaint, we fully understand how difficult it can be to run a business in the modern era. You need to focus on delivering quality work to your clients, yes - but that cannot come at the expense of your employee's safety. By offering you access to products like IdeaPaint and many others, we hope to do our part to make sure that is one choice you never have to worry about again.

If you'd like to find out more information about why IdeaPaint will quickly become a big part of the new office space you're creating, or if you'd just like to get answers to any other important questions you may have, please don't delay - contact IdeaPaint today.


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