August 21, 2019

The Fault in Our Walls: An Ode the Classroom Walls

Upon entering the classrooms of today you can find a variety surfaces meant to aid in collaboration, announcements, presentations and more. However, from LED displays to traditional chalkboards, our schools can't seem to agree on the most effective facilitator of communication when it comes to its walls. Is there a superior option out there?

Depiction of multiple products found in classrooms across the world that attempt to satiate the growing demand for dynamic teaching/ learning approaches. Note the LED display in front, the three mobile dry erase boards and three wall mounted dry erase boards. This configuration costs more than $50,000 yet, compromises on aesthetic liberty and classroom functionality. 
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The fact is plain and simple, the vast majority of our learning surfaces hold untapped potential that many institutions don't realize. While all options serve their own distinct purpose, the walls that house and support academia remain a point of contention – often unkept, misused, wasted or completely neglected. The question then is, how can we maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of our walls in a way that supports and empowers teachers, students and administrators?

Chart based on research and findings from various sources. Cost effectiveness based on upfront/ initial cost and does not include maintenance or replacement of product. Environmentally friendliness based on lifetime carbon footprint and considers components used in creation and ability to recycle products.

The chart above attempts to breakdown the pros of commonly used collaboration, presentation and announcement surface solutions. If you notice, dry erase wallcoverings covers all the bases, and this is no marketing trick. Since the introduction of chalkboard, the classroom has morphed into a more demanding landscape requiring more dynamic instruments. Many of the commonly used learning surfaces are one dimensional, solving only one need where multiple exist. IdeaPaint's new line of wallcoverings, solve a wide variety needs, with the ability to be applied from floor to ceiling. With more multi-functional learning surfaces, classrooms can unlock hidden potential, allowing for more diversified and engaging learning and teaching experiences.

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Write Dry Erase Wallcovering Roll - IdeaPaint US

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Demonstration of an IdeaPaint wall's ability to successfully project content while maintaining smooth and easy writability.

Our wallcoverings come in four options and all them can function as a projectable surface with use of a short-throw projector! For more information on our wallcoverings and cost analysis, call us at 1 800.393.5250 or buy direct from our site!

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