May 08, 2019

What do architects, designers and premium dry erase have in common? IdeaPaint.

For years, we have worked with designers and architects around the world: creating workspaces, educational centers and optimizing residences along the way. For this and more, we are grateful to all the architects and designers that specify us on projects and invite you to participate in our fun new series: Designers at Work!

Each month we discuss design's impact in the workplace, the creative process and its hand in shaping our society with a design expert. To start off our first edition, a letter from the creator and coordinator of this series, Oluchi Ughanze.


My name is Oluchi Ughanze, but please, call me Lulu. A little about myself. I've studied visual art since I was eight, graduated from University of Houston with a BA in adverting, minor and associates in visual arts. My true love has always been design, and for a while I thought I'd be a designer myself having started my college career studying Industrial Design in the school of architecture. However, along the way I befriended with an advertising student and the rest is history as they say.

Having worked in the creative side of marketing for five years now, I've been both designer and client on various occasions. Along the way I learned valuable lessons. The main one being design is in everything we do, touch and enjoy. It's also a big part of IdeaPaint. So, to celebrate this simple truth, I started this series.

'Designers at Work' spotlights designers of all backgrounds, explores various facets of design and how dry-erase products, mainly IdeaPaint, enhance design. We want to invite all designers to participate, whether it's in person, video chat, phone call or email. I hope you will.



Want to know how you can be featured? Email for more information!

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