September 04, 2019

A new way to work, learn and collaborate from IdeaPaint.

Whether you're curious about how dry erase surfaces can positively impact your space or simply need way to freely and immediately organize your thoughts, our new Peel and Stick can help!

Peel and stick is a great introductory product for those looking to learn more about IdeaPaint’s writable surface solutions or those who simply need an efficient and cost effective to boost the way they work, learn and create.

Compact, transferable and easy to maintain, our all new Peel and Stick lets you create an IdeaPaint nook anywhere and any way you want. From home, to school, to work IdeaPaint’s Peel and Stick makes getting things done as simple as peel, stick, go.

It doesn’t have to stop there either. As leaders in the collaboration, creation and presentation surface solutions space, we offer a wide array of multi-functional products that are sure to meet your needs. View our entire selection here!

If you need help selecting, specifying or purchasing our products don’t hesitate to call 1.800.353.5250. We have a dedicate team of Product Sales Specialist ready to talk.

Sold out

Sold out

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