September 18, 2019

4 Benefits of IdeaPaint’s Peel & Stick at Work

There are countless benefits to writing and drawing analogously. From Forbes to scientific journals, nothing seems to beat the power of the pen to paper, unless it’s IdeaPaint’s dry erase solutions.

Our products offer all the cognitive and functional benefits of traditional writing/ drawing surfaces with ease of iteration. Each with their own set of multi-functional and aesthetic appeal, our Peel & Stick solutions don’t disappoint!

Our Peel & Stick solutions are crease resistant dry erase films that allow for easy application, instant use, and are reposition-able. Make virtually any flat surface a dry erase surface!

Create more opportunities for productivity!

Reposition and relocate IdeaPaint’s Peel & Stick to have your latest organizational powerhouse within reach. Jot down notes, reminders and organize your day your way!

Create more opportunities for collaboration!

Invite coworkers to your space or temporarily peel and stick your collaboration station to there’s! With IdeaPaint’s Peel & Stick there’s no reason to not collaborate!

Create more opportunities for ideation!

Great ideas don’t do well when hidden. Explore ideas more robustly and freely with IdeaPaint’s Peel & Stick! Turn any space into a big idea! Simply peel, stick and create!

Create more opportunities for interactive presentations!

Level up on your presentation skills with IdeaPaint’s Peel & Stick. Make a reposition-able demonstration board or dry erase note pad that can be easily transferred to any surface at work!

Already own your very own Peel & Stick solution? We'd love to see and hear about your experience with our all new Peel & Stick solutions! Submit your reviews and imagery to for a chance to be featured on our blog, social media and more!

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