August 21, 2019

By now, most of you have become acquainted with our new line of wallcoverings: All-In-One, Mag, Write and Project. You've also probably heard pitches on why you choose us over our competitors. Allow us to take a moment to reiterate and introduce (for those unfamiliar with our products) the benefits of our wallcoverings. Let us take you on a journey of how IdeaPaint Wallcoverings can positively impact and amplify your business, revenue and customer relations.

IdeaPaint Competitors IdeaPaint Advantage


  • Best priced premium products on the market


  • No wrinkles, tears or creases
  • Multi-functional
  • Complete Dry Erase TechnologyTM
  • Aesthetic Freedom


  • Made of P.E.T
  • LEED and Greenguard Gold Certified
  • Safe in schools and hospitals

Customer Support

  • Dedicated team on your side
  • Get help with everything from product selection to maintenance

When it comes to dry erase wallcoverings, we have you covered! Superior to competitors, our wallcoverings are backed with our Complete Erase TechnologyTM and ongoing customer support!

Increase quality, not quantity

When you invest in IdeaPaint’s wallcoverings, you’re investing in a premium product that won’t hurt your wallet. We’ve worked hard to ensure that our products are the best priced on the market. Shop easy knowing you’re getting a great product for a great price.

Easy and fast installs

Where other wallcoverings take multiple hours to install, ours take less than hour. We don’t believe in long complicated instructions or making you buy expensive adhesives. And, if you run into trouble, don’t hesitate to call us or shoot us an email. We’re happy to help.

Made with the environment in mind

All our wallcoverings are made of one of the most recyclable plastics on earth. PET (polyethylene terephthalate) is light-weight and ultra-durable. We make great efforts to ensure that, from installation to replacement/ demolition, our products aid in a more environmentally safe tomorrow.

Outstanding performance, aesthetically pleasing and multi-functional

We’ve put in countless of hours to deliver a first-class product. Not only do our wallcoverings outperform competitors, they solve multiple needs while allowing for aesthetic freedom. With four dynamic options, you’re sure to find the right dry-erase solution for the job.

From creation to when it reaches your walls, we put love and hard work into all of our products. Our wallcoverings are no exception. We love our wallcoverings and we think you will too!

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MAG Wallcovering

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