IdeaPaint Pull

IdeaPaint Pull

PULL is our high-performing magnetic wallcovering that pairs with IdeaPaint dry erase paints to turn any wall into a magnetic, dry erasable idea platform.

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  • Highly durable; does not ghost or peel
  • Seamless; no gaps for dirt or dust to accumulate
  • Stronger than conventional magnetic paint
  • Integrates well with any décor; any color surface can be achieved
  • Environmentally-responsible, contributes towards LEED certification
  • Limited lifetime warranty


Full Roll

  • 34 feet long
  • 37.4 inches wide
  • includes 10 Neodymium Magnets

Half Roll

  • 17 feet long
  • 37.4 inches wide
  • Includes 5 Neodymium Magnets


How Does Pull Come?

PULL wallcovering is sold in full and half rolls. A full roll is 34.1 feet long and 37.4 inches wide. A half roll is 17.1 feet long and 37.4 inches wide. Your PULL package includes magnets, which can be found in the foam top inside the packaging.

How Do I Measure How Much Pull I Need To Order?

Measure the height and width of each wall you would like to cover with PULL. Then, email us at and we’ll figure it out for you.

Do Magnets Come With My Roll Of Pull?

Yes, magnets are included – five with a half roll and ten with a full roll. You can find them in foam top inside the packaging.

Is Pull Environmentally Friendly?

IdeaPaint PULL contributes toward LEED certification.

What Are The Steps For Pull Installation?

(1) Prime & Prep the wall, (2) Measure, Cut & Adhere the wallcovering, (3) Hang the wallcovering, (4) Prime the wallcovering, (5) Apply IdeaPaint CREATE or PRO.

What Is The Best Way To Prep A Surface For Pull Application?

For surface prep, remove old wallcoverings that already exist. Then repair any divots, scratches, or bumps on the wall so the surface is as smooth as possible. To ensure a smooth finished surface, the wall must remain clean and free of debris.

Which Wallcovering Adhesive Should I Use?

We recommend the following adhesives: Roman PRO-732 Heavy Duty Clay, Roman PRO838 Heavy Duty Clear, or Roman PRO-880 Heavy Duty Clear Strippable.

Which Side Of The Wallcovering Is The Front, And Which Is The Back?

The white side of the wallcovering, which should face out, is the front. The dark gray side of the wallcovering, which should be adhered to the wall, is the back.