Turn Educational Spaces into Creative Places with IdeaPaint!


Thanks to technology, a paperless classroom is in sight. Soon every teacher will give lectures, exams and collect homework without harming a single tree.

Introducing IdeaPaint, the next step in a paperless classroom by eliminating chalk dust and contributing to a greener learning environment. We are one of the most environmentally responsible dry-erase product on the market.

Contributing to a better environment:

  • Apply IdeaPaint Dry Erase Paints directly to those old chalkboards and worn out whiteboards and keep them from going to the landfill
  • Protecting your air quality with our formaldehyde-free paints which conform to all U.S. EPA regulations (including California) and does not produce any harmful gasses once it's dry


Professors and teachers of every discipline can use IdeaPaint to educate, inspire and Motivate students of all ages. A single coat will turn any space into a 360 degree learning environment. Here are just a few ways our customer use IdeaPaint:

  • Resurface old chalkboards and whiteboards
  • Transform spaces into creative learning stations
    • desk tops, walls, lockers, doors
  • Enliven the entire school community
    • Lockers, hallways, gymnasiums, cafeterias
IdeaPaint CREATE White dry erase paint (whiteboard paint)

IdeaPaint CREATE White is an easy to install, environmentally friendly,
dry erase paint (whiteboard paint) that creates a high-performance,
white dry erase surface. White dry erase paint is great if you have dark walls.

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IdeaPaint CREATE Clear dry erase paint (whiteboard paint)

IdeaPaint CREATE Clear is an easy to install, environmentally friendly, dry erase (whiteboard) paint that creates a high-performance dry erase surface. Our clear dry erase paint allows you to maintain the color of your wall.

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See How IdeaPaint Transformed Classrooms

The Warren-prescott school in charlestown, MA


"..The tables have been instrumental in fostering student engagement.."

At the Warren-Prescott School in Charlestown, MA the proof is in the paint and in the participation. Tasked with finding an alternative to dust-producing chalkboards, a school parent suggested IdeaPaint as a safe and stimulating substitute. What ensued has come to represent and emblematic transformation.

8th Grade teacher Scott Frost testifies: "At the middle school level in an urban setting, the ability to engage students in learning is often a difficult task. The tables have been instrumental in fostering student engagement. Currently I have a student that until now has avoided most classroom work. The ability to write on the tables has brought this student into the classroom community. He now sees the table as a medium different from the traditional notebook and as a source of imagination, and this has somehow mollified his previous disengagement."

Massachusetts institute of technology in cambridge, MA


"...The day we put IdeaPaint in...people were flocking to that room..."

MIT maintains a global reputation for being at the forefront of innovation. One of the Institute's many exemplary research facilities is the Entrepreneurship Center where IdeaPaint has been fully integrated throughout; in conference rooms, offices, hallways, creating a 360 degree collaborative environment.

Managing Director Bill Aulet describes the immediate effect IdeaPaint had on the E-Center: "The day we put IdeaPaint's whiteboard paint in to try it in one room, we realized that people were flocking to that room. And it wasn't just the fact that they could write on the wall, it was the fact that it was unconstrained space. The fact that they could write from the ceiling down to the ground unleashed some sort of creativity that we hadn't seen otherwise. The collaboration is much more rapid, and we found that to be incredibly important because when you're a start-up you need to time-compress your innovation."

The denver-Mccormack school in Dorchester, MA


"...IdeaPaint...allows the teachers the tools they need..."

Last year, the Dever-McCormack School in Dorchester, MA was one of 35 schools designated by the state as a "Turnaround School". Director of Operations, Sarah McLaughlin, strategically chose IdeaPaint to support the school's goal of improving student achievement through high-quality instruction.

For McLaughlin, this didn't mean just resurfacing old chalkboards, but committing the IdeaPaint 360 degree model and transforming the entire school. Students' desks and work tables have been painted, as well as the main wall of the new auditorium. McLaughlin, as well as the diverse student body and young faculty at the Dever-McCormack School, have already begun to feel the effects.

"The instruction we are seeing with IdeaPaint chalkboards is far more clear for students, far more engaging and motivating, and allows the teachers the tools they need to best deliver the instruction we want to see." At the sametime, she says "the ideaPaint surfaces really encourage student participation and lead students-many of whom were reticent to contribute to class discussion previously-to be excited about their lessons." That's a pretty quick turnaround.

Milford High School in Milford, MA

No need to replace chalkboards, just paint over them with IdeaPaint.

Milford High School math teacher Jen Letourneau knows first-hand that making department-wide improvements requires creative thinking. When Jen and her department head priced out traditional porcelain whiteboards to replace her 1970s chalkboards, they discovered that the high replacement costs would limit them to improving just a few of the 13 math classrooms. Committed to improving every classroom, Jen set out to find a better solution and she found IdeaPaint. Jen discovered that she was able to convert all 13 classrooms, over 26 chalkboards in all, to dry-erase whiteboards for the same price as just a small handful of porcelain whiteboards.

"For us, it was a really big deal, " Jen explains. "Because in schools we have tight budgets, and we can't always consider doing a global change for a department like that."

It wasn't just the cost-savings that appealed to Jen, but also the environmental benefit of resurfacing the existing surfaces instead of throwing the old chalkboards into a landfill. “Using IdeaPaint allowed us to use the surfaces we already had, and still make the improvements we wanted.


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