Dry Erase Accessories



Take care of your walls, and they will take care of your next big idea, collaborative meeting, and inspirational project. From dry erase markers to erasers and cleaning solutions we have it all covered with our line of IdeaPaint accessories.


  • IdeaPaint Perch Pack allows you to store your supplies where you use them most, on the wall. Our modular, magnetic, wall-mounted system that organizes office clutter, and provides a home for your dry erase supplies


  • IdeaPaint Cleaner comes in a daily use spray bottle as well as a gallon refill. Our cleaners remove stubborn inks while restoring your dry erase surface to their ‘like new’ state.
  • IdeaPaint Marker Blaster comes in a spray bottle as well as a gallon refill. Marker Blaster was engineered to remove those really stuck on dry erase marker and some permanent marker stains.

Write & Draw Markers

  • IdeaPaint Markers are designed for IdeaPaint and other whiteboard surfaces. Available in Multi-color 4 and 12 packs or single color 12 packs.  Bullet tip and Chisel tip marker options.

Erasers and Cleaning Tools

  • IdeaPaint Erasers are engineered for superior dry erase cleaning without the risk of scratching your dry erase surfaces. We offer our Foam Erasers as well as Big Boy Erasers that are 25% larger.
  • IdeaPaint Cleaning Cloths are engineered for superior dry erase cleaning with the risk of scratching surfaces. Reusable microfiber fabric that attracts and traps ink residue. Machine washable.
  • IdeaPaint Sweep Wand is the ideal tool if you need a bigger eraser. One tool erases, cleans, pivots, and reaches, leaving you with a clean slate in just a few easy circular swipes.

Accessory Supply Sets