Dry Erase Wallcovering


We go beyond just solutions in a can with Dry Erase Wallcovering

Since 2008, we’ve been giving people the space they need to create, explore and engage with their ideas.  We at IdeaPaint understand that not every office or business environment might not want to use a paint product which brought us to offering a premium line of the best dry erase wallcoverings.

Dry Erase Only
  • IdeaPaint WRITE creates the same great dry erase wall with an easy to install application and ability to use it in just 24 hours.
Dry Erase with Projection Surface
  • IdeaPaint PROJECT is dry erase wallcovering with the added benefit of being a projectable surface also easy to install and can be used in just 24 hours.
Dry Erase with Magnetic Surface
  • IdeaPaint MAG is the perfect dry erase magnetic surface that really makes your ideas stick. IdeaPaing MAG creates the highest-performing magnetic and dry erasable surface at work, school or home. Also easy to install and can be used in just 24 hours.
  • IdeaPaint PULL is a high-performance magnetic only wallcovering intended to pair with IdeaPaint PRO or Create Dry Erase paints as the top coats or use any high quality latex paint for use as a magnetic wall.
Dry Erase, Magnetic and Clear Projection Surface
  • IdeaPaint ALL-IN-ONE brings together industry leading dry erase, high-performing magnetic and clear projection surface all in a single wallcovering that you can use in just 24 hours.