A wallcovering that provides both projection and dry erase! IdeaPaint™ PROJECT is an easy to install, environmentally friendly, dry erase (whiteboard) wallcovering with the added benefit of being a projectable surface. IdeaPaint PROJECT can be used to create a projectable, dry erase surface at work, school or home.

IdeaPaint liquid vs. wallcovering selection guide

IdeaPaint Wallcoverings Overview

Standard Roll Coverage 107 SF


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Unlike other Dry Erase surfaces, IdeaPaint PROJECT is created with a low sheen surface to allow to be used as a projection surface as well as a dry-erase board.


  • Non-ghosting, non-staining: the industry’s highest performance, dry erase surface that erases cleanly every time
  • Project and Write at the same time:gives you the ability to project clearly onto a dry erase wall to maximize your team’s ability to collaborate
  • Smooth Seam Technology:IdeaPaint wallcoverings offer the smoothest, least noticeable seams in the industry
  • Easy, quick installation: lighter weight product means it is easier to hang
  • Hang it however you want it:IdeaPaint wallcoverings can be hung horizontally, vertically, and even on curved walls
  • Better option than whiteboards: IdeaPaint offers better performance, value and aesthetics than whiteboards:
  • Save More: a 107 Sq. Ft. roll of PROJECT costs $638. Achieving the same size surface with whiteboards costs up to $1,900 (3X).
  • Seamless Design & Aesthetics:IdeaPaint wallcoverings incorporate seamlessly into the design of your space
  • IdeaPaint products are more durable and last longer 
  • Safe and environmentally friendly: PROJECT wallcovering is produced from P.E.T. (does not contain any vinyl), is low VOC, and is highly recyclable.


  • A white, low sheen, projectable, dry erase wallcovering
  • Can project onto surface with a traditional, long throw projector
  • Can be used for work, school or home applications
  • Commercial-grade performance
  • Any high-quality dry erase marker brand can be used. IdeaPaint brand markers are our recommendation
  • 10-year limited warranty
  • Standard roll coverage = 107 ft2 (10 m2)
  • Dimensions: 26.6 ft long X 4 ft wide (for standard rolls)
  • Weight: 12.6 lb (5.7 Kg) (for standard rolls)
  • Fire Rating: ASTM E-84 Class A, Euroclass B-S1-d0


Should I Use Ideapaint Paint Or Wallcoverings?

Both our wallcoverings and liquid paints are both good options and the right solution should be selected based on your particular needs and situation. IdeaPaint dry erase paint is easy to install and is great for large projects where maximum design flexibility is needed. IdeaPaint wallcoverings offer multi-functionality in a single product, easy installation and the ability to be used within 24 hours of application. Both products offer the industry’s highest dry erase performance. See our IdeaPaint liquid vs. wallcovering selection guide.

How Difficult Is It To Apply Write And Project Wallcoverings?

Both IdeaPaint WRITE and PROJECT are simple to install following a standard wallcovering application process and using a standard wallcovering adhesive. Before applying, refer to the IdeaPaint WRITE installation instructions for full instructions and details.