Dry Erase Paint and Primers

For every company, school and home

At IdeaPaint, we believe big thinking should have no boundaries

Since 2008, we’ve been giving people the space they need to create, explore and engage with their ideas.  Our premium dry erase paint transforms virtually any smooth surface into an erasable canvas, leading to faster innovation, increased collaboration and greater sense of organization.                         

We bring you the best dry erase solutions available

  • IdeaPaint PRO, developed for any new construction or unoccupied facilities and requires professional installation.
  • IdeaPaint Create, the perfect solution for every company, school and larger home projects. Anyone with basic painting skills can install IdeaPaint Create.
  • IdeaPaint for the home, through a partnership with Crayola, we bring you Crayola Take Note! The perfect option for creating a smaller space in your home to keep you organized.

What’s underneath the Dry Erase paint is just as important

IdeaPaint also offers Primer paint solutions that pair perfectly with our Dry Erase Paints.
  • IdeaPaint PRIMER adds the perfect basecoat for all your paint jobs. Our newly formulated PRIMER has been engineered to be the perfect foundation for both IdeaPaint Dry Erase topcoats and other latex paint topcoats offer the highest level of performance.
  • IdeaPaint MAGNETIC Primer is by far the coolest primer product available. With our breakthrough magnetic solution, turn your walls into a magnetic surface and top with our Dry Erase Paints or any latex paint and now you have expanded your employee’s ability to collaborate or now have a place to display your kids prize artwork.