Magnetic Products

Ideas will Stick with a Magnetic Wall from IdeaPaint

As the leader in Dry Erase Paint, it was only fitting that we developed a line of magnetic solutions for a more dramatic user experience.

Magnetic Wallcovering
  • IdeaPaint PULL is a high-performance magnetic only wallcovering intended to pair with IdeaPaint PRO or Create Dry Erase paints as the topcoat or use any high-quality latex paint for use as a magnetic wall.
  • IdeaPaint MAG is the perfect dry erase magnetic surface that really makes your ideas stick. IdeaPaing MAG creates the highest-performing magnetic and dry erasable surface at work, school or home. Also, easy to install and can be used in just 24 hours.
  • IdeaPaint ALL-IN-ONE brings together industry leading dry erase, high-performing magnetic and clear projection surface all in a single wallcovering that you can use in just 24 hours.
Magnetic Primer Paint
  • IdeaPaint Magnetic Primer Paint is a breakthrough magnetic solution delivering up to 2 times the magnetic strength of other liquid solutions on the market. It pairs perfectly with our White and Clear Dry Erase Paints to turn any wall into a magnetic, idea platform or can be simply top coated with latex paint for a magnetic surface only.