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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I install this myself?

If you are a DIY'er or someone comfortable working with a paint roller than you should not have any issues installing Crayola Take Note! or IdeaPaint CREATE. Be sure to read all instructions before you begin and have everything you need ready and waiting.

What Colors do the dry erase paints come in?

The Crayola Take Note! Dry Erase Paint comes in clear only. This allows you to keep your room color scheme flowing while adding a clear dry erase coating. IdeaPaint CREATE comes in Clear and White. Installation instructions a slightly different for clear and white - be sure to check out the installation guides.

Can I paint over dry erase paint?

Absolutely, if you find you want to redecorate or decide you no longer need a whiteboard wall, you can just lightly sand the wall and paint over it using a good quality primer paint.

Can I use Dry Erase paint on furniture?

Both Crayola Take Note! and IdeaPaint CREATE can be painted on just about any smooth surface including wood, plastic, chalkboard, and aluminum.

Will it work if my walls are not smooth?

Due to our Dry Erase Paints high gloss nature, surface imperfections could be magnified. We recommend that you repair any scratches or bumps on the surface. Allow spackle to dry completely, sand smooth and wipe with a clean dry cloth. Then, prime using our primer paint or or one of our preferred primers and apply 2 coats of preferred high-quality latex paint in the color of your choosing. Base coat paint should have a semi-gloss or gloss finish.

How long do I have to wait before I apply the Clear Dry Erase Paint?

Review the manufacturer's instructions for the paint and follow their recommendations for applying a second coat. If there is no recommendation, wait 24 hours before applying Crayola Take Note! Clear or IdeaPaint CREATE Clear.

Should the surface be primed before installing Clear Dry Erase Paint?

IdeaPaint CREATE Clear and Crayola Take Note! Clear perform best over a latex base coat paint with an eggshell, satin, semi-gloss or gloss finish. When applying over latex paint with these finishes, primer is not required. If the wall finish is matte or flat, apply 1 coat of preferred clear primer, such as IdeaPaint Clear Primer, Zinsser BIN Clear Primer, or Kilz Klear Primer. Allow primer to dry for 24 hours. Remember to follow all manufacturers' application instructions.

How soon after I paint can I write on the surface?

Clear Dry Erase paint will be ready in 7 days to write on. Both writing and erasing performance will improve as the paint surface ages, even after the initial cure period.

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