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Why IdeaPaint?

We are the originator of the Dry Erase Paint Category and the Industry Leader. IdeaPaint is the most trusted brand of Dry Erase Paint and have brought the human element back to more than 200,000 offices, schools and homes around the world by simply getting people on their feet, working together and exploring their creativity wherever ideas happen.

It’s time we added your company next to just a few of our customers…

Key Customers

Liquid Solutions


Our reputation has been built on our Liquid Solutions including our flagship product, IdeaPaint PRO, the original high-performance dry erase coating, trusted as the design standard for Google, Quicken Loans, and Reebok. We expanded our liquid line to provide an easily installed, environmentally friendly Clear or White Dry Erase solution for every school, company, and home with the launch of IdeaPaint CREATE.

For an even more dynamic user experience, we developed a line of magnetic based solutions – our Magnetic Primer for everyday use and our PULL Magnetic Wallcovering for industrial magnetic strength. These options can be finished with a topcoat of Clear or White Dry Erase Paint to create the ultimate collaboration space.

Non-Liquid Solutions


IdeaPaint has rolled out a series of dry erase wallcovering solutions. Perfect for smaller projects in occupied workspaces. Our Non-Liquid Solutions Series is easily applied to any wall using a standard wallcovering adhesive. It’s ready to write on in just 24 hours!

Choose from wallcovering that is Dry Erase only, Dry Erase Plus Magnetic, Dry Erase + Projection clarity or get them all in our IdeaPaint ALL-IN-ONE Wallcovering.

Full Line of Premium Products to Fit Your Space

Wallcoverings Paints Accessories

·         WRITE

·         PROJECT

·         MAG

·         3-in-1 (ALL-IN-ONE)

·        Primer

·        Dry Erase White

·        Dry Erase Clear

·        Magnetic

·         Cleaning

·         Markers

·         Erasers

·         Storage

Usage & Benefits

Usage & Benefits

Usage & Benefits

·         Smaller Jobs

·         Occupied work areas

·         Ready in 24 hours

·         Quick & easy installation

·         Multi-functionality

·         Larger jobs

·         Maximum design freedom

·         Apply on any smooth surface

·         Environmentally friendly

·         Use your walls

·         Clean your walls

·         Maintain your walls

·         Extend the life of your walls

Complete Erase Technology

Complete Erase Technology builds a harder, less porous surface that will not allow markers to soak in. this makes for an easier, more complete erase, leaving you with cleaner walls.

IdeaPaint PRO IdeaPaint CREATE

The original high-performance dry erase coating, transforms virtually any space into a boundless erasable canvas, sparking greater collaboration, engagement, and creativity - Shop IdeaPaint PRO Now

For every company, school , and home IdealPaint Create Clear and CREATE White transform any smooth surface into an erasable canvas, sparking greater collaboration, engagement, and creativity - Shop IdeaPaint CREATE Now

·         Commercial-grade performance

·         Requires professional installer

·         Single-coat roller application

·         UL GREENGUARD Gold Certified

·         Limited Lifetime Warranty

·         Available in Clear, White, White Sand, & Light Gray

·         Pairs well with IdeaPaint Primer

·         Easy, single-coat roller application

·         Commercial-grade performance

·         Anyone can install

·         Low odor, low VOC, and Isocyanate-free

·         UL GREENGUARD Gold Certified

·         Contributes to LEED Certification

·         10-year limited warranty

·         Available in White and Clear

·         Pairs well with IdeaPaint Primer