June 24, 2015

Quicken Loans' Detroit office works hard for a workspace. It's home to more than 13,000 employees and hundreds of smaller, subsidiary companies, each marching toward different but connected business objectives. One such company is dPOP, the design firm responsible for Quicken's quirky space.


When tasked with keeping the entire workforce engaged, dPOP turned to IdeaPaint. They started by converting select walls in conference rooms and after resoundingly positive feedback from millennials and Gen Xers alike, painted everything – hallways, offices, and tables. Today, "[IdeaPaint] consumes the whole building."

Design choices like IdeaPaint reflect Quicken's commitment to its employees. Flexible workspaces allow people to feel supported, regardless of learning and communication style. Only a small percentage of people are verbal, for example. Enabling people to share ideas visually does good on Quicken's all for one, one for all ethos.


By our calculations, they're doing it better than most. They've earned top honors for places to work nationally the last few years running.

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