August 04, 2014


We say it all the time, innovative companies use IdeaPaint to help their teams work better together. PayPal, Quicken Loans, and Harvard are just some of the ones we've profiled, but it's always exciting to see other A&D publications showcase creative and collaborative workspaces using IdeaPaint. Take Architizer's recent post, Inside Google, Beats, SoundCloud, Pandora, AOL and 5 More Tech HQs.

All spaces shared a sampling of dedicated areas for individual and collaborative work, a concerted effort to be transparent (note the glass), and opportunities to play while at work (see: pool table).


Image: Architizer

AOL's office has been featured before. One of our favorite images from when they opened in 2011, is this nook, photographed by Jasper Sanidad. Because sometimes you need to get away…


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