March 06, 2014

Not so long ago we traveled to the Motor City to explore Quicken Loans' workspace (pictured above). To our surprise, we came across a vault and a moon man – both part of dPOP!'s very unique workspace.

Located in the basement of the Chrysler House, dPOP! has grown from a Quicken Loans spin-off until a full fledged design consultancy, helping the growing business community in Detroit create spaces that reflect their teams' unique character.

Judging by this video of their space, we think you'll get an idea of what kind of company they are. (Hint: very cool.)

This video reminded us of Thomas Edison, who said: "I never did a day's work in my life – it was all fun." We're assuming that's slightly hyperbolic, but we like the idea. How will you take a page from dPOP!'s pranksters and fuse some fun into your workspace?

Don't forget, April Fool's Day in coming up…

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