March 28, 2016

Imagination—it lives in all of us.
But we don't always have the tools we need to share it, cultivate it, or fuel it.

One of the privileges of making IdeaPaint is being able to witness the magic that happens when our customers use our products. We're constantly visiting companies of all kinds, and some of those experiences leave us with unending inspiration.

We recently had the opportunity to stop by the DreamWorks Studio in LA, home to uber-creatives and long time fans of IdeaPaint. As you might imagine, they use their walls differently than most.

The IdeaPaint walls at DreamWorks are canvases—drawn on by seasoned illustrators; experimented on by students, eager to learn how to create visually compelling stories. The walls host anatomy classes, storyboards, ideas, sketches, masterpieces, plans, and future movies.

And most importantly, they give the creator the opportunity to make mistakes and start over.

Because the fear of failure doesn't exist on an erasable wall.

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