June 21, 2015

As the landscape of Lower Manhattan shifts, tech, advertising, media and information companies are moving in next door to the long-standing financial institutions the area is known for. In a neighborhood where square footage is priced at a premium, young companies can't afford the space they need to work effectively. That's where LMHQ comes in.

Lower Manhattan HQ, opened in June 2015, is designed as a place for members to have a private meeting in a conference room, chat over a cup of coffee in the cafe space/living room, host an event in the main space, or network with people they may never have otherwise met. Not a co-working space, but rather a collaboration space, LMHQ is where companies can come together to collaborate, active and accelerate their growth.

In full alignment with this mission, it made sense for us to partner with LMHQ. We wanted to add a layer of interactivity and engagement to the space, while keeping the design modern and vibrant. For that, we worked with Interior Designer Gunnar Larson. The result was a project we couldn't be more excited about.

Every column in the space is painted with colorful patterns coated in IdeaPaint Clear, giving the opportunity for serendipitous ideation no matter where you are. Every conference room has at least two IdeaPaint walls, one in classic White for boundless brainstorming and one with Clear over complementing patterns to soften the aesthetic.

The feature wall of the main space is a beautiful, enormous mural painted by New York artist Daniel Colon. This mural, a city scape of Lower Manhattan, brings the neighborhood into the space. The IdeaPaint Clear overtop adds a functionality and interactivity that invites people to engage as soon as they walk in the door.

LMHQ gives Lower Manhattan the space it needs to allow innovation to flourish. IdeaPaint gives people the space they need to create, connect and fully explore that innovation.

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