July 07, 2016

At IdeaPaint, we believe big thinking should have no boundaries. And, every organization–no matter what its shape or size–needs space for big ideas to develop and grow.

We were invited by Israel-based startup, Veed.me, to see how IdeaPaint has become an asset to their team, as they set out to make video production as easy as "Browse, Search, Buy" for clients like Google, WeWork and Jawbone.

A conversation with Adam Winograd, Head of Customer Experience at Veed.me

Tell us a bit about Veed.me's mission.
"Veed.me is all about democratizing video production. We want to take video production, which has traditionally been weighed down with all this needless mystery, complications and process, and make it as simple as other things have become in our lives, like shopping online. We're doing that by building an amazing and simple online marketplace that connects people with professional videographers."

What are the key challenges you address for your customers?
"Most people, even savvy marketers, don't know that much about making video, especially at a professional level. We take a lot of the headache out of the process, most importantly by matching you with the right videographer for your project. We have over 3,000 videographers in 180+ cities around the globe. With Veed.me, you're not limited by geography–you can work with the best videographer or animator for your project, not just one who's in your hometown."

What makes Veed.me better than other options out there?
"Unlike other similar sites, we focus on clarity and speed. On Veed.me, you can see the price tag behind every video in a Creator's portfolio, which gives you a sense for how far your budget can go and what's included for the price. We've also moved away from the long and cumbersome RFP model, and are now focused on a lightning-fast chat interface, which makes getting in touch with the right videographer and getting into production much faster."

Tell us about your style of collaboration.
"We're a startup, so we all sit together in one room, and we're all expected to bring ideas to the table. There's a lot of back-and-forth, a lot of (productive) arguing, a lot of diagramming and sketching things out. It's about getting it all out on the table, debating, and then winnowing down concepts from there and deciding how to move forward."

How does IdeaPaint help your team get work done?
"When we moved into our space, we had nothing but small whiteboards, and that really limited us…small space, small ideas. With IdeaPaint, we have the freedom (physically and intellectually) to expand upon our ideas and get it all down in one place. It's been especially beneficial in planning and developing our mobile interface and user experience flows."

What's next for Veed.me?
"We're super focused on growth, and helping marketers of all stripes make more video content. Whether that's in a self-service way through our website, or through selected partnerships with large corporations (like Google) where we really take the helm of their video production efforts.

We think that if we do this right, we have the opportunity to change an industry. Video is eating the world, and we believe that every business and every marketer deserves the chance to get professional video content at decent prices. We're also excited to continue to help videographers around the world find work and support their own creative endeavors."

Want to learn more about how IdeaPaint can help your company bring its big ideas to life? Drop us a line – we'd love to discuss how we can fit your space and your budget.

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