July 09, 2015

HubSpot, Inc. offers an all-in-one marketing software platform for small and medium sized businesses. Applications in the software platform include website management, blogging, search engine optimization, lead management, marketing analytics, email marketing, landing pages, and social media monitoring. HubSpot, Inc. was founded in 2006 and is based in Cambridge, MA.

IdeaPaint uses HubSpot to manage all of our web activities, strategically connecting and amplifying all of our marketing and sales efforts, and we couldn't be bigger fans.

The feeling is mutual apparently, because when HubSpot's VP of Platform Strategy Yoav Shapira set out to lead the design of their new office space at The Davenport, the impressive and very slick building that also houses companies like Zipcar and was once the home office of IdeaPaint, he decided to include IdeaPaint everywhere!

"In our new office, every single conference room has at least one IdeaPaint wall," he reports. "Plus, every open area has at least one, and people use them all the time. Every single hour of every business day."

"We use an agile approach to product development," Shapira continues. "Instead of writing long specifications which no one ever reads, much less builds, we rely on ad-hoc collaboration across small, cross-functional teams. For those teams, it's crucial to always have an available place to share ideas, thoughts, sketches, wireframes, and other design artifacts. IdeaPaint fills that important need for us in an easy, accessible, convenient way. It's not a stretch at all to say it's become a standard, important part of our culture, across the whole company."

"Because so much of design, discussion and learning is visual, we've always used whiteboards, mock-ups or even paper drawings to express ourselves at HubSpot" adds Kirsten Knipp, HubSpot's Director of Product Evangelism. "Now, with IdeaPaint in all our meeting rooms and large workspaces, we're able to increase the use of imagery in our discussions – and it makes us a lot more productive. Just yesterday, I was in the library with two team mates talking about a graphic; designers, marketers and developers think very differently, so I mocked up three ideas and then they drew all over them until we came to a common understanding of our vision and direction. That real time visual collaboration makes all of HubSpot much more effective.  Not to mention, drawing on walls is pretty fun!"

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