October 23, 2015

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Always up for a field trip, we headed over to Interior Architects' (IA) newly built-out Boston office to make a marker delivery and check on their IdeaPaint PULL wall. It was well worth the 5-minute walk down the block.

IA is a global architecture firm focused exclusively on interiors, and their expertise is apparent as soon as you enter their gorgeous, strategically designed workspace. The firm specializes in high-performance, visually compelling, and sustainable environments. With these shared priorities, our products have proved to be a fit for IA's clientele.


It was a slippery slope… once the designers started incorporating IdeaPaint into their clients' spaces, they just had to have it in their own. Fast forward to today — each conference room in the Boston office features a magnetic, dry erasable PULL wall.

PULL is our high-performing magnetic wall covering, that pairs with our dry erase paints to give any wall both magnetic and dry erase functionality.

"Having magnetic IdeaPaint in the office is an amazing tool. It allows us to collaborate on the fly during client meetings and to help bring design concepts to life in real time," says Sarah Brophy, Senior Associate at IA.




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