June 21, 2015

"Every day, we teach our students new skills, challenge their current thinking, and ask them to collaborate on the problems they need to solve. With IdeaPaint in our classrooms, our students can work faster and smarter in a far more creative and powerful learning environment." Diane Hessan, CEO of Startup Institute.


In 2015, IdeaPaint partnered with the Startup Institute to consult on collaborative classroom design across locations, and provide idea-activation best practices through Lunch 'n Learns and Fireside Chats.


The Startup Institute is the #1 career accelerator for individuals looking to gain the skills, network and mindset needed to succeed in jobs at startups and high-growth companies. With this partnership, students will learn how to effectively brainstorm on Idea walls, and receive exclusive IdeaPaint discounts as they join new companies upon graduation. The offer will enable graduates to create more collaborative environments in their future workplaces.

To read more about the partnership, click here.

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