October 20, 2014

Boston is booming. That's no secret. Everywhere you look, it seems, a building is going up and new businesses are moving in. For some national perspective, check out the Boston Globe's recent piece on our 'commercial comeback.'

The people leading the charge locally gathered at District Hall last week to discuss the future of commercial real estate in our city and beyond. Our President, John Stephans (you can now follow him on Twitter) joined Stas Gayshan and Michael Gresty for the panel Rethinking Space, moderated by Phil Hammond. We were there to visually capture it all with our partners in scribe, Collective Next.

One recurring theme was how technology will continue to play a role in making CRE more efficient.

Even so, the importance of people to people communication will remain paramount.

Our favorite quote from John touched upon how important custom is to high performing spaces:

This sentiment was echoed by Stas Gayshan, founder of the CIC, who commented that the job of the facilities and building managers should be, before anything else, to listen:

Take a look at a close-up of Grace Van't Hof's illustrations for some more of the conversation details.



Regram from @renofour, who synthesized 3.5 hours of #DisruptCRE. More pix coming soon! View on Instagram

No matter what industry you're trying to improve, purpose is key. We leave you with Brandon Weber's sound byte as some closing food for thought.

Soon, we'll be heading to the West Coast with IDEO to attend the 3% Conference. Stay tuned for our Twitter timeline!

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