November 04, 2014

If you've been following along with us this week, you may be wondering how we could in Dublin and San Francisco at the same time. Well, we cover our bases pretty well. Jeff (follow him here) is manning #WebSummit, a meeting of the minds of global proportions, and according to some, "the best technology conference on the planet." (We're keeping our fingers crossed for an IdeaPaint photo op with Elon Musk or Bono!)

At the same time, only a few timezones behind him, Jen and Olivia are out west at the 3% Conference. Growing steadily in its third year, 3% brings together creative leaders from the advertising industry to discuss, brainswarm, and create next steps for how to even the playing field and the numbers for female creative leaders. (Right now, only 11%, up from 3%, of all creative directors are women.)

Here's a quick round-up of chatter, plus some epic doodling, from each conference's first day.

In Dublin, we went from this:

to this: 

 to this:

  In San Francisco, with the help of Collective Next, we staged our life-size canvas:

Don't forget to checkout the IdeaPaint Idea Wall #takethemic #changetheratio   A photo posted by The 3% Conference (@3percentconf) on

and watched as it filled up with sound bytes from the day's discussions…

#3percentconf #takethemic #ladybosses A good creative director is… A photo posted by Dionne Gonzales (@metal_pig) on

Words of wisdom from our doodling friend @3percentconf.

A photo posted by ideapaint (@ideapaint) on

Each event runs a few more days a piece, so stay tuned. For live updates, follow us on Twitter and Instagram. We'll compile best-of every couple days!

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