October 03, 2018

Are you fed up with your dry erase wallcoverings’ unsightly seams and their consistent staining and ghosting?  

IdeaPaint recognized the poor performance of the dry-erase wallcovering products on the market and developed a series of dry erase wallcovering solutions to solve these pain points.  Like all IdeaPaint products, our wallcovering products offer the industry’s best dry erase performance, best appearance and ease of installation.  

IdeaPaint WRITE and PROJECT dry erase wallcoverings are perfectly suited for projects in occupied workspaces and/or when you just want to or need to use your walls right away (both can be used within 24 hours of being hung).  Both wallcoverings are easily applied to any wall using a standard wallcovering adhesive.

IdeaPaint WRITE is a superior quality, non-ghosting dry erase wallcovering. IdeaPaint WRITE creates the same great dry erase wall as our paint products with an easy to install application and the ability to use it in just 24 hours.

IdeaPaint PROJECT is a superior quality, non-ghosting, low sheen dry erase wallcovering with the added benefit of being a projectable surface. PROJECT offers the benefits of both the industry’s leading dry erase performance and a high quality projectable area that you can begin using in just 24 hours.

Want to learn more? Check out our wallcoverings site, give us a call at +1 800.393.5250 or email us at customerservice@ideapaint.com

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